Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girl Altar Servers for EF Masses in Cambridge

The Catholic Herald reports (Charterhouse 27/5) that Fr Alban McCoy - the Catholic Chaplain at Cambridge - has allowed young women to serve at EF Masses. It is reported that he has come under "a lot of stick in the past fortnight"!  And rightly so!

Whilst the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae does not mention that female servers are forbidden, it does (in my opinion) clearly state that the rubrics in place in 1962 must be adhered to.  In 1962 female servers were not allowed.  Bishop John Arnold, Chairman of Oxford & Cambridge Catholic Education Board, supports him.  Is that surprising?

Whilst some traditionalists do seek the capitulation of the Ordinary Form, most do not & simply look for those attached to that form of Mass to grant us the same consideration as most of us are prepared to grant them.  I am firmly of the opinion that the Mass is the Mass is the Mass & I do, happily, attend properly celebrated OF Masses.  What I do object to (strongly) are those OF Masses celebrated according to the whims of the celebrant, whether it be changing the words or otherwise defiling the Mass. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Methodist Ordinations in Liverpool Cathedral cancelled

It seems that Archbishop Kelly has had sense put to him by higher authorities and has withdrawn his permission for ordinations to the Methodist ministry to be carried out in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in Liverpool.

Many people - including some ecumenists - were shocked that a Catholic cathedral of such standing and importance could conceivably have been put to such use.  While unwilling to use such words as "profanation" it certainly is hardly acceptable that non-Catholic rites should be permitted in the House of God wherein is revered the Body of Christ.  Perhaps if Methodists believed as we do in the Real Presence it might have made sense but surely it cannot be acceptable for their bizarre 'communion' services to be even considered.

ICKSP takes over church in North West

Great news that Bishop Davies of Shrewsbury has given over an unused church to ab Ecclesia Dei religious institution.

The church is that of SS Peter & Paul in New Brighton.  In addition to this the FSSP has 2 houses in the UK, perhaps they too might be given an unused church somewhere.