Thursday, August 28, 2014

How can they be classed as racists?

You will have read in the media & seen on TV the disgusting sexual predators in Rotherham. The 'excuse' put forward by Council officers & police is that they were afraid of being labelled racist because the vast majority of the perpetrators were Asian men of mainly Pakistani origin. It seems that such sexual predation is almost commenplace in Pakistan & the (largely Socialist) officials were concerned that making strong statements about these men might harm their political support from voters of that background. Two things should happen; the officials should be sacked & the perpetrators must be gaoled for long periods & their continued residence in our country must be reconsidered. There is no place in our country for such people unless they accept our standards and integrate fully into our culture. Religion cannot be used for remaining apart. If they don't like our culture they should move back to countries where their behaviour is accepted as it most certainly is not here.