Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Please avoid contact with a blog "Catholic Left" who responds directly to your home email without the courtesy (or courage?) to sign his emails. Like many other cowards he utilises the excuse that his job is security linked & he must not divulge his email address or identity.
He has responded to a blog on this site months after it was posted (posted November 2011).
Anyone who considers that it is necessary to acknowledge that they are not just 'Catholic' but 'Catholic Left' is a concern in my book 


  1. I thought I had replied on your blog; I wasn't aware it was your personal email and I apologise.
    The use of the blog title CatholicLeft is because my politics are informed by my faith and not vice-versa, I would assume the same of you. I do work in a High Security prison so don't put my name on my blog as that is the advice we are given.
    Your personal attacks are unbecoming.
    As I explained in an earlier post, it was the violence of your languaget that explains why I chose not to share my name with you.

    1. I suggest if you don't like what I write you stay away from my writings i.e my blog!

    2. I am a left winger and a member of LMS.I didn't realise that you couldn't be.

  2. Any news on Father Mark Lawler? He seems to be missing from the Nottingham directory. Has he joined an order?