Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This is to introduce myself on this new blog. It is totally separate from my LMS blog & all comments in this blog are my own personal thoughts.

I am a traditional Roman Catholic man born in 1938 in Newcastle upon Tyne in NE England. I am fortunate to be able to attend the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite every Sunday although I do attend Ordinary Form Masses regularly. Sadly, I must say that I select such Masses very carefully as too many priests 'do their own thing' instead of following the rubrics of the Mass as laid down in the Roman Missal.

I am a trained altar server up to & including Master of Ceremonies at Solemn High Mass & am happy to train others in these skills.

I do not suffer fools gladly & do not 'do' quiet. I am very upfront with my opinions but will hear other opinions without necessarily agreeing with them. Anyone who holds an opinion without expressing those opinions does not deserve to enter a discussion.

This blog will cover a very catholic range including religion, politics & indeed anything which takes my eye.

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