Monday, March 14, 2011

Traditional values guarantee Catholics at Mass

In his blog 'Let the Welkin ring' Fr Elkin quotes statistics which are both worrying & hopeful.

In this diocese (Hexham & Newcastle) we are to have a 'Welcome Back Sunday' at Pentecost. Father's figures claim that we have just over 20% of Catholics attending Mass in this diocese. That is worrying.

Bishop Bruskewitz in Nebraska has around 60% of Catholics attending. That is hopeful.

To contrast the two dioceses perhaps the fact that the American bishop insists that his priests follow the rubrics of the Roman Missal (I presume in both OF & EF) results in both the proper celebration of the Mass as well as the authentic teaching of Holy Mother Church.

The question to ponder, it seems to me, is whether our bishop should go back to basics & instruct (order?) his priests to celebrate Mass properly or whether he should be inviting non practising Catholics to return to Mass where, at least in some cases, they will see a Mass celebrated by a priest using words other than those prescibed in the rubrics of the Roman Missal.

Please ask yourself the question.

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