Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vitriol in Northern Cross

In the February issue of the Hexham & Newcastle monthly newspaper - Northern Cross - I wrote bewailing the imminent closure of Ushaw College. I admit to being rather sarcastic in describing our Youth Village (I called it our 'Yoof' Village) and suggesting that, instead of building it from scratch it could have been sited on the Ushaw College campus.  The comment re the village was 1 very short paragraph in my letter which dealt with other aspects of diocesan finance viz centralised buying of fuels (gas & electricity) and other items common to most parishes.

The response was 2 pages of what can only be called invective &, it seemed to me, an orchestrated response. Perhaps I touched a nerve?  I am a member of the News Panel of Northern Cross & was offered the opportunity of response but decided not to dignify such letters with a response. I will instead pray that, supposedly, educated people will be granted the wisdom to put their opinions in a more Christian context.

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